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My Love for Yoga

Yoga has been a part of my life since I was a psychology major at UC Berkeley back in 2010. I discovered the light of yoga with the help of a roommate who dragged me out of my dark state, and into a steamy yoga studio full of sweaty people doing weird poses. It was very strange. Yet, after one session of trying it out, I felt such relief. Relief from my stressed out body, relief from the heavy thoughts that lead nowhere, relief like I never experienced before! I continued to practice and reaped the benefits of yoga with no knowledge as to why I was feeling so light in my heart and mind. After college, I worked a couple of months only to save up to travel and live in five plus countries for the next 4 years. One of those countries was India. It was in this beautiful country where I started to learn more about yoga during my 200 hour teacher training in Dharamsala back in 2014. Later on, I decided to move back to the states in 2015 and since, made Long Beach, CA my home.

My Journey as a Mom

I got pregnant in 2019 and was the happiest woman in the world! I did prenatal yoga and applied many well-being practices to give all the positive vibes to my gestating baby. The breathing, the focus, the movement, the meditation helped me have a positive experience during my pregnancy and labor. Postpartum was another story. I experienced postpartum anxiety with a mix of depression. As grateful as I was for my healthy little one, I became obsessed with his well-being to the point where my anxiety transformed me into an overcontrolling, stressed out, and unhappy person. It affected my milk production, my relationships, my well-being! I sought postpartum therapy, and as soon as I got the green light from my OB about exercising again, I got back on the mat any little time I could. It all helped me get better, and my yoga practice as a mom was a different experience this time around. One of the biggest lesson I learned with the help of yoga was:

Nature is beyond our control. Nature is at play and we can learn to work with her. Yoga helped me do just that. When my milk production was running low, and my hope of breastfeeding for at least a year didn’t happen, I explored the feelings in my body and found healing.  When I realized that being a stay at home full time mom was not for me, I surrendered, trusted and accepted help from other caregivers. I took my life experiences and explored it on my yoga mat and grew. Thanks to motherhood and yoga, I started to give myself compassion when I felt guilt and finally started to love myself more than ever. I realized I needed to do just that to love my family the way I want to.

My experience with motherhood and my love for yoga inspired me to be a prenatal and postpartum yoga instructor. I wanted to help share the beauty of yoga and how it can bring joy and peace in the realm of motherhood. Thus, I did my 85 hour prenatal training with my wonderful mentor Jessica Jennings with Ma Yoga. Now here I am! I am a certified Ma Yoga instructor and I am happy to serve you and the beautiful powerful women who are raising the next generation.


Hi there! My name is Bonita and I am a yoga instructor, personal development junkie, psychology lover, world traveler, and proud mother of a toddler named Ewen (Eh-when). I am passionate about supporting people in the realm of well-being and have the honor of serving those who are birthing and raising the next generation. As a mother myself, I have an idea of what it is like carrying around a big belly, the stresses that creep up at the thought of labor, and the patience needed when trying to feed a screaming toddler who ends up throwing spaghetti in your face and all over the walls. It’s hard…but we all know it’s worth it! Good news is there is yoga, self care practices and me, to help guide and support YOU with motherhood and YOUR well-being! 

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