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A great gift has been bestowed upon you – a gestating baby awaiting to take breath in our world. The journey of pregnancy and motherhood is a beautiful one. A few of the beautiful things include the growth, strength and self empowerment that arise from the various experiences from this new chapter.


My name is Bonita, and I am here to support you in your well-being with yoga and self-care practices during your prenatal and postpartum journey.


During this big change in your life, I help promote healing and relief from bodily pains, lower stress & anxiety, and help empower you through movement, meditation and guidance catered for this particular time of life. I work with women from different backgrounds and living situations ranging from those working full-time or part-time, stay at home, to mothers with multiple kids, to single moms, and to women who just want to keep up with their health, or who just want a moment of peace amongst the chaos. 


I take honor in caring for the women who are birthing and raising the next generation. They give so much of themselves to others, it is my job to help bring that love back inwards so they can experience whatever they need to have a joyful life. I am pleased to offer my services in a variety of forms to help fit your needs. Take a look at my offerings below!

yoga Offerings

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